Saturday, June 14, 2008

Brutas's Birthday

Today was Brutas's Birthday! Mmm, doesn't that food look yummy! We went to De Anna Rose Park! We also played outside in the water! We all had a great time!

My Granny

Granny and Bompa came out this summer for Brutas's Birthday and for Fathers Day. It was so fun to have them come out! We love them so much!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun at the Fair

This was at the fair. There was a really grouchy guy at the top of the big slide. Me and my dad decided to ride a ride together. We all ate it there it was really fun but I ended up getting heat stroke. Fun huh!

My First Time Mowing the lawn

This was my first time mowing the lawn. My dad was my instructor as you can see. I did it again and I'm getting better and doing a good job so I am told. This time I mowed the back lawn to! I got sunburned (of course) but it was really fun!

My gorgeous loving mom

Doesn't she look gorgeous in her stripey shirt? Thanks to her we could even put this blog together! What would I do without her? Let me tell you I have no clue!

My fantastically wonderful dad

This is my goofy dad! He rocks! I love him so much I dont know what I would do without him! After all he is my fantastically wonderful dad!


Isn't he the cutest thing you ever did see! He is the funnest to have around! I just love his little outfits! Sometimes I think it's fun to dress him up like a girl my dad of corse doesn't think it's funny at all he feels bad for the kid!

My Best Friends

These two are some of the coolest people I know. We have been through everything together. I miss them so much but I am greatful that I can see them in the summer and sometimes in the winter.

My Sunshine

This is a picture of my adorable little sister. She can brighten up any ones day. She also has the cutest sayings. We love her so much!